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PostSubject: Welcome to this forums   Welcome to this forums EmptySun Aug 10, 2008 5:22 am

Hello and welcome, this is a sociable site for people to join, you can invite many people, friend, family and so forth, be for signing up, there are rules needed to be read before joining the forums, this insures your choice of action and the safety of others...

1. Please do not post spam, this means repeting posting, again and again or double post, this can be a warning if cought, so be carful

2. its the protection of otheres that you do not swear on the forums... Word Censoring will be added if this law is broken, may/or will effect your user name, and sig words

3. we will not allow bulling, if you are found out, you will get a warning, continue, and its a ban, you have been warned

4. DO NOT, post in links to None appropriate sites, if found, will be a warning, carry on with the offence its a ban.

5. please enjoy your self, and hope you talk to new people
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Welcome to this forums
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